Gymnastics of York

Smart Start

Gymnastics of York’s SMART START program has been developed to provide a skill development progression for beginner-level gymnasts.

With that in mind, the SMART START program focuses on basic gymnastics shapes, positions, and dominant movement patters of the sport.

Developmental Training

SMART START continues throughout the developmental training with a combined approach to the important development of the gymnast. Strength, Flexibility,  body and spatial awareness are all important in the training of a future competitive athlete.  In addition an environment and structure that expands abilities of focus, resilience and determination is equally essential. During developmental training these factors are integrated  into the skill and gymnastics techniques training.

Team Training

Team gymnastics is available right out of the developmental program. Usually coaches will recommend a move to a new level or team, however if your child is showing an interest to you please contact us so we can discuss options.

Parkour Training

Parkour is a training discipline that enhances your strength, coordination, and agility by overcoming movement challenges .  climbing walls, balancing on rails, swinging on bars, and vaulting over barriers. You can use the abilities you learn to improve at other sports or even to be America’s next Ninja Warrior!

It’s play with a purpose: to be stronger today than you were yesterday. There are no rules, no judges, and no performances – we train and move because it’s fun, not to be better than other people.

Come try a class to see how dramatically your health and fitness can be improved by having fun!

Events at Gymnastics of York

Gymnastics of York is the location for the York Art Fair! Have your next birthday party, special occasion get-together, or something fun for the kids to do at Gymnastics of York! We also offer a variety of camps including Arts Camp, Games Camp, and Gymnastics Camp with registrations for next summer open now!